This body treat is a full body scrub down. Even the most stubborn dry patches and bumps won't stand a chance. Improved circulationa and soft skin are yours with this envigorating treatment.  We finish with a luscious moisturizing soy treatment to leave you buttery soft and irresistible.

Warm Salt Water Taffy Scrub  50 minutes $75




Rose Mud Hydrating Body Wrap  Does your skin feel drier than the Sahara Desert? Our wrap will be the drenching oasis. It envelopes you in a warm rose mud cocoon. While your skin is quenched, your scalp will be massaged and all you have to do is relax. It's not over...a body butter application will follow.  50 minutes  $95

Slimming and Contour Wrap:  This holistic wrap was developed by UCLA medical center bio-chemists to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow. The unique blend of detoxifying agents causes immediate, healthy inch loss and internal cleansing.  There should be at least 4 days between each wrap.  A series of 6 is reccomended for optimal results.  80 minutes $150

  •  Lose up to ½ dress size with each wrap
  • Provides permanent inch loss
  • Reduces cellulite through detoxifying body cleansing



Dare To Bare Scrub and Wrap Combo

Our classic body scrub and  body wrap combo! Our spa body facial will smooth and refine even the weariest of skins.  We start with a warm salt scrub followed by a warm customized body mask.  You are then wrapped in a cocoon while you receive a soothing scalp massage. You emerge a softer and more relaxed version of yourself. We finish with a replenishing body butter application to help your skin maintain its new supple texture. 90 minutes $160