Medical Aesthetics and Permanant Make up

We are thrilled to announce our affiliation with the aesthetic

expertise of human artist MD, Dr. Adam Mauer.

Dr. Mauer is an innovative board certified medical doctor who invented the sought after perfect balance Botox and Crystal Gold Sculptra techniques. He has mastered advanced minimally invasive techniques to restore volume to the face and body to recreate a wow factor appearance.  He is an expert in innovative approaches to regenerative medicine and its application in treating scars, wrinkles and so much more.  With an unparalleled artistic eye, dedication to the field and extensive experience, Dr. Mauer provides optimal treatment options with regard to the best methods in aesthetic medicine today.  

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Permanent Makeup


Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Full Lip & Lipliner

By Maryann Langer