Why should I get a massage?

While a good massage can relieve stress, provide relaxation, increase blood flow, and alleviate muscle tension…the key benefit is it enables the body to promote self-healing.

Which massage is right for me?

While a massage connoisseur might prefer the more aggressive strokes of a deep tissue massage (which allows the therapist to get deeper into the connective tissue layers), a novice might find the soothing, lighter strokes of a Swedish to be more up their alley. But always remember, a good therapist will incorporate many different styles into your massage. So all you have to do to get a great massage is speak up!

How often should I get a Massage?

Once a month is ideal, but gauge the frequency of your visits in accordance to your stress levels, lifestyle and by what your body is telling you.

How do I go about choosing a massage therapist?

All of our therapists are licensed professionals with years of expertise, so try them all and go with what feels right.

Does the slimming wrap really work and how?

Yes, yes, yes! The body wrap works by allowing the body to expel toxins and waste. It uses a niacin based cream to increase lymphatic flow and aids in cellulite reduction. The result is skin firmness and an unbelievable inch and weight loss result.

What are the benefits of a Facial?

There are many different facial choices so let our talented estheticians analyze your skin and suggest what is best for you. Cleansing, exfoliating, and extracting are key in keeping your skin deeply clean and healthy. Regular treatments will minimize pore size, keep even skin tone, keep skin blemish free and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Your at home regimen is just as important as your regular facial visits so choose your products wisely and use them daily.

How long will my airbrush tan last?

You will see a bronze hue upon application (this is the initial bronzer). Your best color will appear in 24-48 hours. As long as you exfoliate and moisturize properly, your golden hue should last approximately one week. Every time you shower you will lose some color.

Why do I need to exfoliate?

Exfoliation brings new and healthy skin cells to the surface. It leaves your skin smoother and more even, while promoting a better moisture balance. It also takes away those ugly little bumps on the back of your arms, thighs and other unmentionables, so why not just do it.

Are there any spa strength products that I can use at home?

Absolutely, we have an entire line of spa strength skin care, the same products used by your estheticians, conveniently packaged in a take home size. Maintaining your results at home is just as important as coming in for your routine spa visits.

How do I spa?

The day of your treatment allow yourself plenty of time before your scheduled appointment. Arrive 30 minutes early. For your comfort and convenience we offer you private lockers where you’ll change into your cozy robe and slippers which we provide. Feel free to unwind in the Sauna or the Relaxation Lounge. For your benefit and safety, we advise all cell phones be turned off and left in your locker. We hope to deliver the most relaxing and rewarding experience possible to all of our guests. Thank you for choosing Red Hots Spa.

Why should I do a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment?

These are resurfacing treatments best done in a series of 6 for optimum results. They treat a range of skin concerns such as hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin and scaring. speak to an esthetician today to see which option is best for you particular concerns.

How do gift certificates work?

Red Hots gift certificates are available in any denomination and can be purchased in any denomination and can be purchased for any service or package.  They are good for the face value of the certificate and can be used for tanning, spa services or in our boutique.

We accept Spa Finder, Spa Wish and Spa week gift certificates ON FULL PRICED treatments only.

Should I tip?

Prices on treatments do not include gratuities. Gratuities are always appreciated for a job well done. We only accept cash or checks for gratuities, no credit cards please. Gratuity envelopes are provided and may be left at the front desk for your therapist.