Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Options

Red Hots Signature Massage  Our most popular option with all of your favorite massages rolled into one experience! Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy and hot stone blended to create the perfect massage. No more having to choose, you can have it all. This is sure to become your new favorite!

50 minutes $145 • 80 minutes$225 • 100 minutes $270

Swedish Massage • This wildly popular treatment will help you relax and give you a new lease on life. It’s just what you ‘knead’ to de-stress, unwind and improve circulation. We will assure all signs of fatigue and everyday stress have melted away.

50 minutes $130 • 80 minutes $200• 100 minutes $235

Deep Tissue (Sports) Massage • Say good-bye to those stubborn knots and chronic tension with this intensive deep treatment. Not for the weak of heart! This massage is specially designed for athletes and weekend warriors looking for a more intense massage.  Infused with your choice of Muscles Relief Balm or CBD Oil.

50 minutes $150 • 80 minutes $230 • 100 minutes $275

Pre-Natal & Post Partum Massage • Congratulations! Now that your body is changing and experiencing unique stresses and strains, you need a serious dose of pampering. Our therapists are trained to incorporate a variety of bodywork techniques specially designed to alleviate complaints commonly encountered during pre/post-pregnancy.

50 minutes $135 • 80 minutes $210 • 100 minutes $250

Reflexology or Neck and Back • Do you need a little TLC? This deeply relaxing massage is designed to stimulate circulation, treat pain and improve overall health and well-being.

30 minutes of Reflexology OR Neck & Back $95 • 50 minutes for Reflexology $105 (Neck & Back offered in 30 minute only) 

As always…. Buy a series of 6 and save 15%


(Pronounced skru-bäj’) • TWO of our most popular treatments in ONE! We start with a 25 minute warm salt soufflé full body scrub. A hot shower will wash away all signs of dry skin and a 50 minute warm body butter Red Hots Signature Massage will make sure you’re baby soft.

80 minutes $250 (Series of 6 for $1275)

Woman getting a massageMassage & Body Enhancements:

  • Aromatherapy Experience $25
  • Muscle Relief Gel or CBD Pain Relieving Concentrate $25
  • Scalp Massage (10 min) $35
  • Infrared Heat Core Therapy $50
  • Foot Massage add on 30 min / $75, 50 min / $105
  • Paraffin hand or foot $35 (add foot exfoliation $10)

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