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Red Hots Spa offers patients affordable and reliable spray tan and airbrush tanning options. We are located in Nassau County and serve patients across Long Island. A spray tan can revitalize your look and is a much safer alternative to simply tanning the natural way. This is because the UV rays harm your skin. So, tanning that way takes longer due to the fact that your body has protection. You can have healthy and radiant skin, because your skin is worth it!

So please, give us a call today and schedule a spray tan appointment! The number for our office is 516-484-8267. When you call, we can go over all the necessary details. Learn about all the benefits of getting a spray tan at Red Hots Spa!

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Spray Tan Options

We have some spray tanning options to choose from:

  • Full Body Spray Tan: This tan will give you a look as if you have been kissed by the sun from head to toe. It will accentuate your best features and hide your imperfections. This includes cellulite and spider veins.
  • Half Body Airbrush: Don’t want or need your whole body tanned? This tanning solution allows you to tan only half of your body. The top half consists of the waist up. The bottom half consists of the waist down.
  • Face and Décolleté: With this tanning service, you will achieve a healthy and radiant glow on the parts of your body that are seen the most. All of your best features will be highlighted.

There are preparations that all of our clients need to know in order to prepare for there spray tan. We want to give you optimal results. All of our appointments are 15 minutes long, so it is critical that you arrive on-time or better yet early for your appointment. Please arrive at least five minutes early, because we can remove any leftover makeup. Check out all of the spray tan options available at our Long Island spa and the pricing options that come with them.

Spray Tanning Protocols

When you choose Red Hot Spa of Nassau County, Long Island for your spray tan, you are getting the best for your money. We do have protocols that we need all of our clients to follow. It is imperative that all of our clients know how to prepare for their spray tan in order to achieve the best results possible. This includes instructions on what to do and not do proceeding a spray tan appointment at our Nassau County salon.

It is important to note that all appointments are only 15 minutes long. So it is crucial that you are at least on-time to your scheduled appointment. Preferably, please arrive 5 minutes before the appointment. This way you can remove any makeup or deodorant on your person. As all as a chance to use the restroom.

Before and after spray tan

Airbrush 101: The DO’s & DON’Ts

It is completely imperative that all of our clients know how to prepare for their Airbrush Tan in order to achieve optimum results.

IMPORTANT: Appointments are only 15 minutes long, so it is critical that you are on time or early for your appointment! Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time so you can remove any leftover makeup or deodorant and use the restroom if needed.

The DO’s:

  • DO exfoliate within 24 hours of getting a spray tan to ensure an even application. THIS IS A MUST! Exfoliation sloughs away the dead skin cells, which will help achieve the longest-lasting tan possible. A good exfoliation means the difference between getting too dark and having a “to die for” glow! Use a water-based exfoliating scrub rather than an oil-based one. Oils may interfere with the spray tanning solution from developing properly. You can exfoliate yourself or, better yet, let our experts work their magic. It’s our ULTIMATE AIRBRUSH! Our skin techs are specially trained to scrub and rub until your scaly, patchy and uneven skin is a thing of the past.
  • DO shave or wax the evening before your spray tan session. If you shave after you get your spray tan, it will exfoliate the skin and affect the tanning results. Waxing after an airbrush tan will COMPLETELY remove the color. We also recommend doing manicures & pedicures first as you cannot get wet or use lotions/creams directly following a spray tan.
  • DO wear dark, loose-fitting clothes. Tight-fitting jeans or leggings may absorb too much tanning solution and may cause streaks on your legs. If you take your bra off when you get sprayed, we recommend leaving it off for as long as you can after your spray tan. Sports bras are NOT recommended to wear after your tan. If you have to put a bra on, we recommend wearing a strapless bra or tucking the bra straps in. NOTE: We suggest that you do not wear shorts as your color may rub off when you sit down. If you do wear shorts, bring a towel to sit on in your car and protect your leather car seats!
  • DO wear a swimsuit, thong or underwear (no, you don’t have to wear anything if you don’t want to) – whatever makes you feel comfortable. We will provide disposable underwear and a shower cap for you.
  • DO Stay Dry!! Your color needs time to brew. When you take your first shower, stand under the water until it runs clear. That is how you will know that all the bronzer is rinsed off of your skin. You may then shower as normal but be sure not to use any soaps with alcohol and no scrubs! Gentle soaps ONLY! We also recommend holding off on the gym… perspiration will also remove color.
  • DO moisturize daily with gorgeous bronzing silkTan Extender Lotion. Moisturizing your tan is a very important part of keeping your tan looking great and lasting longer. Dry skin will flake and so will your color! Our bronzing silk extender has DHA in the lotion which will not only maintain your color but make it last days longer.

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t be surprised if you aren’t as tan as you hoped you would be immediately after your airbrush tanning session. It can take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours (depending on which solution you used) for your tanning solution to develop fully. Also, the sooner you wash it off, the less of a tan you will achieve. The color on your skin directly following an airbrush treatment is a “cosmetic bronzer”, just a guide color that shows that a spot has been covered. Your real color will develop in 8 hours so be sure not to sweat or get wet during that time.

The Do Not’s:

  • DO NOT use ANY TOPICAL ACNE MEDICATIONS at least 7 days prior to your airbrush tan. Here’s why…the most popular ingredients in acne medications are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These 2 acne killers both exfoliate and lighten your skin. If used BEFORE a spray tan, these acids will soak up excess oil and dry your skin causing it to flake which in turn, will flake off your gorgeous glow. Using these acids AFTER your spray tan will both lighten and exfoliate the areas you apply it to leaving you with white patches! If you have used topical medications within the 7 day period we HIGHLY recommend not airbrushing any areas (i.e. face, neck, back) where it has been applied. Use a powder bronzer instead.
  • DO NOT airbrush over sunburned or peeling skin. If you have a sunburn, you MUST let your technician know. We cannot airbrush over peeling skin. When your skin peels off, your airbrush will come off with it.
  • DO NOT apply any moisturizer, deodorant, perfume or other beauty products before your tanning appointment. They may also inhibit the quality of your tan. Dry skin tans best!
  • DO NOT wear any jewelry or makeup to your tanning session. Pull your hair up and off your face and neck. Make sure your hair is dry! If it is wet or damp, please leave your hair up so it doesn’t touch your skin post-airbrush.
  • DO NOT exfoliate with loofas, body scrubs, body washes or soaps with exfoliating beads UNTIL YOUR TAN STARTS TO FADE.
  • DO NOT airbrush over OLD SPRAY TAN. If you have been airbrushed within two weeks of getting a fresh glow, you must fully exfoliate the old solution off before you can get airbrushed again. Spray tanning over old solution will cause dark spots, over spray, and your new spray tan to flake off with the old. Start with a clean slate!
  • DO NOT come in contact with leather, silk, and cashmere, the airbrush will stain these fabrics so stay away from them during those first 8 hours before you shower off the initial spray application.

Be Patient for Spray Tan Results

It is important to note that you should not be surprised if you aren’t as tan as you hoped you would be immediately after your spray tanning session. Depending on which solution you used, it can take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours for your tanning solution to develop fully. Also, the sooner you wash it off, the less of a tan you will achieve. The color on your skin following a spray tan is a “cosmetic bronzer.” This is simply a guide color. It shows the effective covering on a given spot. Your real color will develop in 8 hours. So be sure not to sweat or get wet during that time. That may affect the color, too.

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Red Hots Spa has years of experience as a Nassau County day spa serving clients across Long Island. We offer patients affordable and safe spray tan options that will make your skin look and feel beautiful! Check out the great custom spray tan and airbrushing options we offer. Choose the one that feels right for you!

For more information about our airbrush tanning services, please contact us today. We can provide you with a free consultation to make sure that our airbrush tanning is right for you and your body. The number to call is 516-484-8267. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding this type of tanning, because we want you to look and feel great! When you come down, please arrive 15 minutes earlier than your appointment states.