At The Spa At Red Hots, get a Swedish massage that will relax and refresh you. Our Swedish massage is one of our more popular massage options. It is just what you need to unwind and de-stress, while also improving your circulation. We will assure you that all signs of fatigue and everyday stress melt away by the end of the sessions. Here is a breakdown of the pricing for a Swedish massage

  • 50 minutes ($130)
  • 80 minutes ($200)
  • 100 minutes ($235)

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Swedish Massage Benefits

There are some great benefits to getting a Swedish massage at our day spa, which include relieving pain and adding relaxation.

Can Reduce Symptoms of Genral Anxiety Disorder

General anxiety disorder, or GAD, is a mood disorder that is characterized by constant worrying and difficulty concentrating. Getting regular Swedish massages is a common way to decrease GAD, as well as other mood disorders like depression. A Swedish massage can also be helpful to breast cancer patients, as studies have shown it to improve mood disorders like anger, depression and anxiety. So if you are looking to reduce any of these symptoms, then reaching out to our day spa and scheduling an appointment is the way to go.

Lowers Blood Pressure, Pulse and Respiratory Rate

A Swedish massage has also been shown to decrease some of the physical signs of anxiety, which includes raised blood pressure, increased heart rate, and fast breathing. Studies have shown that a Swedish massage can impact the vital signs related to anxiety in healthy women, as well as potentially lower systolic blood pressure, pulse, and overall respiratory rate.

Relieves Pain

In general, a massage is a great way to relieve pain and can help ease life. And there is solid evidence that a Swedish massage in particular can reduce pain. A Swedish massage can reduce pain by decreasing metabolic waste from the body’s muscles and increasing blood flow to muscles. Overall, a Swedish massage can help to decrease pain for rheumatoid arthritis patients and has been found to reduce lower back pain. And it can help women during and after childbirth to relieve any pain.

Minor Risks with Swedish Massage

In general, a massage has a low risk of causing harm to someone. However, there are sometimes reports of complications from a massage, which include nerve injuries, blood clots, and even bone fractures. However, injuries like this are very rare and typically stem from a deep tissue massage. On top of that, these issues also appear more in people who are at a high risk of injury, such as older adults. Each person is different and we do our best to align our services to each individual. So if you believe you are at risk for injury during a massage, speak to a medical professional. If you are pregnant and would like a Swedish massage, speak to your doctor before scheduling an appointment. In many instances, a Swedish massage is a great way to relieve pain in a pregnant woman. However, it is imperative to speak to a doctor before getting a massage.