The Benefits of Waxing

Professional Waxing Treatments at The Spa at Red Hots!

When you opt for a waxing treatment at The Spa at Red Hots on Long Island, you will get all of the usual benefits of a wax. Let’s take a look at the most common benefits of waxing.

Less Regrowth In-Between Waxing

When you get a professional waxing, the hair is effectively pulled from the root. Which means the regrowth will be slower for those unwanted hairs and your skin will remain smoother for a longer period of time. Typically, it will take three to four weeks for the hair to come back. Compare this to a razor, which only cuts the skin on the surface. So it comes back fairly quickly. So waxing consistently means your hair will simply regrow slower and you will have the skin you want for longer.

Hair Grows Back Finer and Sparser

So not only is there less regrowth, the hair that does grow back is finer and sparer. Waxing gets to the root of the hair, which means the hair follicle gets weaker over time. And weaker follicles will produce finer, sparser hair. Of course, this is in general terms. Genetics still plays the predominant factors, so do not expect a huge change overnight. There may be substantial time before you see these sorts of results.

Less Prone to Inflammation

Over time, shaving may lead to chronic skin inflammation. This due to the friction from the razor and the natural skin-to-skin friction it causes. The skin reacts to the razor by inflaming and becoming thicker. Waxing exposes the skin to less repeated friction, since you typically only book an appointment once a month. So there is less of a chance of this happening to you.

Less Annoying Itching & Prickliness

Since with waxing the hair takes longer to grow back, it means you will get less of that annoying itching and prickliness when new hair resurfaces. And when you wax, the hair grows straighter, so you notice it less than when you shave with a razor. This happens because the razor cuts the hairs at an angle, so it grows unevenly to begin with and leads to more irritation than hair that grows back after a wax.

Skin Exfoliation Beforehand

When you wax, you strip off the outermost layer of skin, which leads to smoother skin. However, for the best results you should exfoliate your skin a few days before the waxing. This prepares your skin for the waxing. And for you, well, you get the chance to exfoliate your skin, which is a healthy thing to do every once in a will to keep your skin feeling fresh.

And post-waxing exfoliation is a great way to keep away ingrown hairs. Waxing itself may increase your chances of ingrown hairs. So it is important that the waxing procedure is done properly to avoid this complication. Our staff is highly trained, so rest assured. However, the post-exfoliation and moisturizing also helps lower this risk.

No Risk of Nicks and Cuts

When you use a razor, you run the risk of getting those pesky nicks and cuts. And you are likely in the shower, covered in suds and water, which only increases the risk of an incident. So when you opt for waxing treatments instead, your skin will not be exposed to the dangers presented by a razor.

In The Hands of a Professional Esthetician

Many people wax at home. However, when you turn to The Spa at Red Hots, you will be put in the care of a professional esthetician! We know exactly how to handle every step of the waxing process to ensure you get the most benefits possible from the experience. Our staff has an understanding of all the techniques to use, so you can just sit back and relax.

Get Full Waxing Benefits

The Spa at Red Hots provides clients across Long Island, New York with affordable waxing options that will keep their skin healthy and vibrant. We offer a wide range of waxing options. Whether you want something big done, like your arms, legs or chest, or something small, like the lip or the brow, we have you covered! At our spa, you can also get the Brazilian or a Bikini wax, too. Get yourself ready to hit the beach with affordable waxes that offer you plenty of great benefits!

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