Nassau County Waxing Treatments

The Spa at Red Hots is a New York State licensed waxing specialist who offers excellent waxing treatments for people throughout Nassau County. We are located in Roslyn, New York, which makes us a popular destination for many in Nassau County and Queens to get professional waxing treatments. Some of the more notable towns in Nassau County that come down to our spa are Port Washington, Westbury, Great Neck, Kings Point, Glen Cove and Sands Point.

We offer a variety of great waxing options at affordable rates. Each of these options can focus on different parts of the body, because we know how important it is to wax certain areas. We will consult with you before a waxing appointment, so we know what you want. For more information about our waxing treatments and packages available to people in Nassau County, Long Island, please call 516-484-8267. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation to go over your options. So, don’t delay and book today!

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Our Waxing Options

As a waxing specialist, we proudly offer different waxing options. These options can range from honey, cream and a variety of other hard and soft waxes. Each of these waxes can be used to remove sensitive and hard to remove hair areas. We offer different options, because we want you to have the opportunity to choose the waxing package that is right for you. These options include:

  • Brow Cleanup (wax only) – $20
  • Brow Shaping (includes tweezing) – $30
  • Lip/Chin – $12
  • Underarm – $20
  • Half/Full Arm – $25/$40
  • Half/Full Leg – $40/$65
  • Bikini – $30
  • Semi Brazilian – $40
  • Brazilian – $50
  • Back/Chest – $50

Unwanted hair is a nuisance for men and women alike. We offer a range of waxing options, so you can choose the package that is best suited for your needs and budget. Finally take care of that unwanted hair and enjoy a day of treatments at our spa! With our various waxing and de-fuzzing options available, getting rid of hair will be a cinch!

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The Spa at Red Hots has years of experience providing people across Nassau County with great waxing options. From simple brow cleanups to more extensive back and hair jobs, we have the waxing option for you! For more information regarding our range of treatments, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our waxing options. The number to call is 516-484-8267. Call today and book an appointment with our specialists!