Custom Airbrush Tanning


The Spa at Red Hots Custom Airbrush Tanning

There is nothing better than a sun-kissed glow. It makes you look great and feel amazing; however, given how harsh the sun’s UV rays are, achieving that radiant, sun-kissed glow that you so desire may not be the best idea.

You don’t have to wreak havoc on your skin and your health to get the perfect tan, and you don’t have to have pasty skin to stay healthy. Thanks to the spray tan Long Island services that The Spa at Red Hots offers, you can have the best of both worlds: Your health and radiant skin!

At The Spa at Red Hots, we provide you with all of the services that you could need to achieve the best spray tan on Long Island. We offer a variety airbrush tanning services at our Long Island spa, including:

  • Full Body Airbrush Tanning. With a full body airbrush tan, you will look as if you have been kissed by the sun, from head-to-toe. Our airbrush technicians completely customize this service to ensure that you look your absolute best. Your best features will be accentuated, and your imperfections will be hidden, including cellulite and spider veins.
  • Half Body Airbrush. Don’t need or want to have your entire body tan? With our half body airbrush tan, you can choose to have either the top half (from the hips up) or the bottom half (from the hips down) tanned with this contoured and detailed airbrushing service.
  • Face and Décolleté. Do you have an upcoming special event, or do you just want to achieve a healthy and radiant glow on the parts of your body that are seen the most? If so, then our face and décolleté airbrush tan are exactly what you are looking for. Our expert airbrush tanners will highlight the best features of your face and accent your décolleté, making you look and feel your absolute best.

 Looking for a golden tan but don’t want the UV? Look no further. It’s the hottest thing in sunless tanning! Get an even streak free sunless tan in minutes! Whether its facial color, body sculpting or touch ups you crave, airbrush is the answer.  Our talented Airbrush artists will custom blend your hue to perfectly compliment your skin tone.  With our all natural vanilla scented and aloe based solution and our turbo fast drying airbrush applicator, a gorgeous health glow is easy and worry free.  Our solutions are custom made for Red Hots Spa with the highest quality ingredients and the best selection of shades from just a hint of color to deep dark and everything in between.  Let our 10 years of airbrush expertise work for you!

Full Body $48

Sun Kissed Face & Neck $15

Upper or Lower Half Body $30

Series of Six (6) Full Body Airbrushes $225

Red Hot Rapid Solution   For all our time pressed airbrush enthusiasts, the wait is over!  Our  Red Hot Rapid Airbrush Solution is here. DEVELOPS IN ONLY 2 HOURS!!  Have a party tonight and forgot to get airbrushed, no problem! Gorgeous golden color in 2 hours, who could ask for anything more?  Full Body $55   / Upper or Lower Half Body $35   / Face & Neck $20

Unlimited Airbrush Package  We don't know why a great tan makes you look fabulous,  it just does! So why not look fabulous all year round with your new Red Hottie UNLIMITED Airbrush Tanning Membership. Anytime you need a fix for your airbrush addiction, you can pop in as often as you need to keep your glow perfect.   $125/month eft

The Ultimate Airbrush  A warm salt scrub before your airbrush tan ensures perfect application and a longer lasting glow every time!  50min $95

The ABC’s of Airbrushing

A. A proper exfoliation will make your "faux" tan more even as well as longer lasting.  We always recommend the ultimate airbrush for perfect results.

B. Prior to airbrushing... skip the moisturizer and deodorant.

C. Remember to wear loose, dark clothing. At no point will you be bare, we will provide you with disposables so you won’t have to worry about your tighty-whities or La Perla’s, whatever the case may be.

D. The color on your skin directly following an airbrush treatment is just a guide color that shows that a spot has been covered. Your real color will develop in 8 hours so be sure not to sweat or get wet during that time.  

E. Stay dry. This means as little perspiring as possible. Wait at least 8 hours before showering or jumping into any body of water. Your color needs time to brew.

F. To maintain, moisturize daily with Gorgeous bronzing silk Tan Extender Lotion.  Moisturizing your tan is a very important part of keeping your tan looking great and lasting longer.  Dry skin will flake and so will your color!  Our bronzing silk extender has DHA in the lotion which will not only maintain your color but make it last days longer.

G. Be careful with leather, silk and cashmere, the airbrush will stain these fabrics so stay away from them during those first 8 hours before you shower off the initial spray application.

Discover the Amazing Results that Airbrush Tanning can Provide

While a tan can make you look and feel amazing, everyone knows that the harsh rays of the sun can be extremely damaging to the skin. Thankfully, airbrush tanning offers a way to get that perfect, sun-kissed glow that you desire without the exposure to harsh UV rays.

The self-tanning solutions that we provide at our spa Long Island are not just a paint job of your skin, something that many people assume. The products that we use are absorbed into the outer layer of the skin, and once it’s absorbed, a beautiful tan will start to develop. How does this happen? The solution we use reacts with the protein in the outer layer of the skin. The result is a beautiful bronzed glow.

Do note that your tan will continue to develop in the hours after the solution is applied.

Tips for the Best Airbrush Tan

To achieve the best results possible from your airbrush tan, we suggest following these tips:

  • Before Your Session. Before you arrive for your airbrush tanning session, we strongly recommend waxing or shaving and exfoliating. Please do not apply moisturizer as this may block color absorption.
  • What to Wear. We suggest that you wear dark, loose clothing that is made out of cotton. Self-tanning solution can run off onto your clothing, so wearing dark colored clothing will prevent anything that rubs off from showing up on your clothes (do note that the solution does wash out of almost all types of fabrics.) You will be provided with disposable undergarments to wear during your tanning session.
  • What to Expect. Don’t be surprised if you aren’t as tan as you hoped you would be immediately after your airbrush tanning session. It can take 6 to 10 hours for you’re the tanning solution to develop fully. Also, the sooner you wash it off, the less of a tan you will achieve. You should avoid submerging any parts of your body into water that has been treated while your tan is still developing. Do not shower, take a bath, swim or get a manicure/pedicure until your tan has fully developed.